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How To Store Open Wine

How To Store Open Wine

Storing an open bottle of wine can often feel like a daunting task for many wine enthusiasts. The art of preserving the exquisite taste and aroma of your favorite bottle can often leave you puzzled. Worry not, as Black Wine Club is here to equip you with all the knowledge and information you need to enhance your wine knowledge, as well as make your wine-drinking experience a memorable one. In this blog post, we will provide a detailed guide on how to store open wine to maintain its freshness and incredible taste.

Understanding the Importance of Proper Storage

When a bottle of wine is opened, it is exposed to air, and that's when the oxidization process starts. This process can change the taste, aroma, and quality of the wine in a relatively short amount of time. To preserve the wine's original essence, it's essential to store it correctly after opening.

Ways to Store Open Wine

There are several methods that can help prolong the life of your open wine bottle. Keep in mind that every wine is different, and some may be more sensitive to oxidization than others. Here, we will discuss various techniques that you can use to store open wine:

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    1. Recork the Bottle

    • Proper use of the cork: Recorking your wine bottle is one of the simplest ways to keep it from being exposed to air. If the cork is in good shape, you can merely invert it and re-insert it into the bottle. The clean end of the cork will ensure that no additional contaminants enter the wine.
    • Invest in a wine stopper: If your cork is damaged or you've misplaced it, opt for a wine stopper instead. Wine stoppers come in various shapes, sizes and materials, and provide an airtight seal to keep your wine fresh for longer.

    2. Refrigerate the Wine

    Refrigerating your open wine bottle is an excellent way to slow down the oxidization process. Both red and white wines should be refrigerated once opened, despite the difference in their desired serving temperature. Red wines can be removed from the fridge about 30 minutes before consumption to allow them to reach their optimal temperature.

    3. Use Vacuum Sealers or Pumps

    • Vacuum sealers: A vacuum sealer is a device that helps to pump out the air from the bottle before tightly sealing it. This method maintains your wine's quality for a few more days during storage.
    • Wine pumps: Similar to vacuum sealers, wine pumps work by removing air from the bottle and sealing it with a rubber stopper. This method is relatively cost-effective and allows you to enjoy your wine for a more extended period.

    4. Store the Wine Bottle Upright

    Unlike an unopened bottle, it's best to store your open wine bottle in an upright position. This minimizes the surface area exposed to air, thereby slowing down the oxidization process.

    5. Invest in a Wine Preserver

    Wine preservers are devices that replace the oxygen in the bottle with an inert gas (like argon or nitrogen), creating a protective barrier. This method is quite effective in preserving the wine's taste, aroma, and quality for a longer time.

    How To Store Open Wine Example:

    Jane, a wine lover, has recently opened a bottle of her favorite red wine to enjoy with dinner. Jane knows that she won't be able to finish the bottle in one sitting, so she decides to store the remaining wine using the techniques she learned from this Black Wine Club guide. After recorking the bottle, she places it upright in her refrigerator, ensuring it's protected from sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Thanks to these simple tricks, Jane can now savor the delightful taste of her red wine for a few extra days.

    We believe that with the right tips and techniques, everyone can become a wine connoisseur. Now that you know how to store open wine, you can worry less about wasting your expensive bottles and focus on enjoying each sip. Don't forget to share this informative guide with your fellow wine enthusiasts and explore other incredible content available on Black Wine Club.

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