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How To Store Open Red Wine

How To Store Open Red Wine

So you've just enjoyed a delightful evening with friends, good food, and some exceptional red wine. But alas, there is some leftover wine in the bottle. What should you do to ensure it doesn't go to waste and stays fresh for your next indulgence? Well, you've come to the right place! In this guide, we'll walk you through the best ways to store your open red wine so it stays ready and waiting for its encore performance.

Understanding the factors that impact open red wine

Oxygen exposure

When red wine comes into contact with oxygen, a process called oxidation takes place. In small amounts, oxygen is beneficial as it helps to open up the wine's flavors and aromas. However, once a bottle of wine is opened, excessive exposure to oxygen can lead to undesirable qualities like a dull taste or browning in color.


Temperature fluctuations can affect the quality of open red wine. Cooler temperatures help slow down the oxidation process, while warmer temperatures can accelerate it. It's essential to keep your wine at a consistent temperature to preserve its flavors.

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    Direct exposure to light, particularly sunlight, can cause open red wine to degrade in quality. This is due to UV rays which can damage the wine's structure and taste.

    How to store open red wine properly

    Now that you understand the factors impacting your open red wine, let's dive into how to store it correctly to maximize its freshness.

    1. Recork the bottle

    Recorking the bottle is a simple and effective method to minimize exposure to oxygen. Ensure the cork is clean and undamaged before using it to seal the bottle. Remember always to store the cork securely so you can find it when needed.

    2. Use a wine stopper

    If you don't have the original cork or prefer a more secure seal, wine stoppers are a great alternative. They come in various materials and designs, including vacuum seal stoppers that actively remove air from the bottle, further minimizing oxygen exposure.

    3. Refrigerate the wine

    It might seem unusual, but refrigerating your open red wine is an excellent way to slow down the oxidation process. Keeping the wine in a cooler environment will help retain its flavors and freshness for a longer time. Just be sure to let the wine reach room temperature before enjoying it again.

    4. Use a wine preservation system

    Wine preservation systems offer a more sophisticated way of storing open red wine. These systems blanket the wine's surface with an inert gas like argon or nitrogen, which prevents oxidation. Wine preservation systems range from handheld devices to built-in units in wine coolers.

    5. Transfer to a smaller bottle

    Transferring the leftover wine to a smaller, air-tight bottle reduces the surface area exposed to oxygen. This method is particularly useful when you only have a small amount of wine left.

    How To Store Open Red Wine Example:

    Imagine it's Friday night, and you've just enjoyed a delicious dinner with friends accompanied by a rich and flavorful Cabernet Sauvignon. You still have half a bottle left, and you don't want it to go to waste. To properly store the wine for later enjoyment, you could:

    1. Use the original cork to seal the bottle tightly.

    2. Place the bottle in the refrigerator, lying down to minimize air exposure.

    3. When you're ready to enjoy the wine again, remove it from the refrigerator and let it reach room temperature before pouring.

    This simple process will help you enjoy the remaining wine in optimal condition, with its flavors and aromas still intact.

    And there you have it! With these simple yet effective tips on how to store open red wine, you can savor every last drop of your favorite vino without sacrificing taste quality. Be the hero of your wine-loving friends by sharing this article with them and spreading the knowledge. Still hungry for more wine wisdom? Explore other fantastic guides on Black Wine Club to elevate your wine game to new heights. Cheers!

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