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How Long Can Wine Sit Out

How Long Can Wine Sit Out

Ever found yourself in the midst of enjoying a good wine and then you realize you forgot to put the cork back in and left it out overnight? Worry not, fellow wine lovers! In this article, we'll explore just how long wine can sit out and still maintain its quality and taste.

Factors Affecting Wine's Longevity


Temperature is one of the most crucial factors that determine how long wine can sit out. Higher temperatures can cause wine to oxidize faster, resulting in a dull, flat taste.

Exposure to Sunlight

Sunlight is another significant factor, as exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to chemical reactions that damage the wine's quality over time.

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    Air Exposure

    Air exposure, particularly oxygen, contributes to the oxidization process and affects the flavors and freshness of the wine.

    Type and Quality of Wine

    Different types of wine respond differently to exposure, with reds and whites presenting unique characteristics. Additionally, higher-quality wines tend to last longer when exposed to air than lower-quality ones.

    How Long Can Opened Wine Sit Out?

    Red Wine

    Red wines can typically sit out for anywhere from 1 to 5 days, depending on factors like temperature and exposure to air. To keep your reds fresh for longer, consider recorking the bottle or using a vacuum pump to extract air out of the bottle.

    White Wine

    White wines tend to be more sensitive to air exposure than reds, often lasting up to 3 days. Keep them refrigerated and tightly closed after opening.

    Sparkling Wine

    Sparkling wines are best consumed within 1 to 3 days of opening, as they lose their carbonation and freshness with time.

    Dessert Wine

    Fortified wines, like Port and Sherry, have a longer shelf-life and can last up to a week or even longer with proper storage due to their high sugar content and additional alcohol added during the fermentation process.

    Tips to Preserve Opened Wine

    • Recork the bottle as tightly as possible.
    • Use a vacuum pump or wine-preserving gadget.
    • Store opened bottles in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
    • Consider transferring the wine to a smaller bottle to reduce air exposure.
    • Refrigerate white and sparkling wines after opening.
    • Consume opened wine within 1 to 5 days for optimal taste and quality.

    How Long Can Wine Sit Out Example:

    Imagine you hosted a dinner party where you shared a luxurious Cabernet Sauvignon with your friends. However, due to the excitement of the evening, you forgot to put the cork back in after the last glass was poured. When you discover this the following evening, you wonder if your expensive bottle is now ruined.

    Fear not! After assessing the conditions in which the wine was stored, you determine that the room temperature was relatively cool and the wine was shielded from sunlight. You taste the wine and find that it still has some life left in it. Remembering to put the cork back immediately this time, you enjoy a glass or two, then properly store the wine in a cool, dark place, confident in the knowledge that your Cabernet still has a day or two of life left to be enjoyed.

    We hope this guide has reassured you that forgetting to recork your wine isn't the end of the world - or your precious bottle! Share this article with your fellow wine enthusiasts, so they too can learn how to handle situations like this with grace and knowledge. And don't forget to explore the other fantastic guides and content on Black Wine Club to enhance your wine knowledge even further. Cheers!

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