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Why Isn'T Wine Vegan

Why Isn'T Wine Vegan

Picture this: you're at a trendy gathering with your artsy friends, enjoying some delicious vegan nibbles, and you reach for a glass of wine to pair with your plant-based treats. But wait – did you know that not all wine is vegan? Mind blown, right? In this blog post, we'll explore the often-overlooked world of vegan-friendly wine, and explain why some wines don't make the cruelty-free cut.

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What Makes a Wine Non-Vegan?

How to Find Vegan Wines

What Makes a Wine Non-Vegan?

The main reason why some wines don't qualify as vegan is due to the fining process. After fermentation, wine naturally contains microscopic particles like proteins, tartrates, and phenolics, which can make the wine appear hazy. While harmless, this haze is generally considered undesirable by consumers, prompting winemakers to use fining agents to clarify the wine.

Fining Agents Containing Animal Products

The fining agents used in non-vegan wines typically contain animal-derived products, such as:

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    • Casein (a milk protein)
    • Albumin (found in egg whites)
    • Gelatin (derived from animal bones)
    • Isinglass (obtained from fish bladders)

    These agents help to bind with the unwanted particles, which then settle at the bottom of the vat or barrel, making it easy for the winemaker to remove them.

    Vegan-Friendly Fining Agents

    Fortunately, there are vegan alternatives to these animal-derived fining agents. Some examples include:

    • Activated charcoal
    • Bentonite (a natural clay)
    • Kaolin (another type of clay)
    • Plant-based casein
    • Silica gel

    Using these plant-based and mineral-based agents, winemakers can create a clarified, vegan-friendly wine.

    How to Find Vegan Wines

    If you want to enjoy a cruelty-free tipple, look out for wines that explicitly state they are vegan on the label. However, it's worth noting that some winemakers use vegan-friendly fining agents without labeling their products as such. In these cases, a little research may be required – check the winery's website or contact them directly for more information.

    Vegan Wine Certification and Organizations

    Several organizations provide certifications for vegan wines, helping consumers make informed choices. Some of these include:

    • Vegan Action
    • The Vegan Society
    • BeVeg

    Keep an eye out for their logos on wine labels or consult their websites for lists of certified brands.

    Vegan Wine Clubs and Websites

    Naturally, Black Wine Club will always be here to guide you through the world of wine, but there are also other resources and clubs that specialize in vegan wines, such as:

    • Vegan Wines
    • Organic Wine Exchange
    • Club Vino

    These clubs and websites can help you discover new vegan wine options and even deliver them straight to your door.

    Why Isn'T Wine Vegan Example:

    Let's say you're at your local wine shop, searching for a vegan-friendly bottle to enjoy with your dinner. You scan the labels, looking for vegan certifications and familiar plant-based fining agents. Finally, you spot the perfect bottle – a Vegan Society-approved red with no animal-derived products in sight. You take it home, confident that you've made a cruelty-free choice that complements your plant-based lifestyle.

    Now that you're armed with the knowledge of why some wines aren't vegan and how to find the ones that are, you're ready to navigate the world of vegan-friendly vino like a pro. Don't forget to share this enlightening article with your wine-loving friends, and be sure to explore Black Wine Club for more wine guides, tastings, and events featuring live electronic music. Cheers to a kinder, more compassionate wine future!

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