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Who Wrote Red Red Wine

Who Wrote Red Red Wine

"Red Red Wine" - a catchy tune that's been on the lips of wine lovers and music enthusiasts alike for decades. But do you know who was behind the creation of this iconic song? Join us at Black Wine Club as we dive into the story behind "Red Red Wine" and explore the legacy of the artists involved. Pour yourself a glass, get comfy, and let's dive into the history of this wine-infused melody!

The Original: Neil Diamond's "Red Red Wine"

Before the upbeat reggae version hit the airwaves, "Red Red Wine" was penned and recorded by none other than the legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond. In 1967, Diamond, known for his distinct voice and songwriting prowess, crafted the ballad with a melancholy vibe that captures the heartache of a man drowning his sorrows in a glass of wine.

Red, red wine, goes to my head

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    Makes me forget that I

    Still need her so

    Although it wasn't a huge hit for Diamond in its original release, the song found its way into the hands of a British reggae band that would soon make it an unforgettable anthem.

    UB40's Classic Cover

    Fast forward to 1983, when the UK-based reggae-pop band UB40 decided to cover "Red Red Wine" for their album "Labour of Love." The band, still in the early stages of their career, were massive fans of Jamaican music and chose to include their rendition of the song with a distinctive reggae spin.

    Unbeknownst to them, Neil Diamond's original version had a little-known reggae-inspired version by Tony Tribe that would ultimately inspire UB40's interpretation.

    When UB40's version was released, it quickly gained traction and became a chart-topping success in the UK, hitting the top spot in 1983. It wasn't until its re-release in 1988, however, that it would conquer the US charts, claiming the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Their take on "Red Red Wine" introduced many new fans to the song and solidified its spot as an enduring classic.

    Neil Diamond and UB40: A Meeting of Musical Minds

    Despite enjoying the newfound fame his song received due to UB40's version, Neil Diamond was initially puzzled by their reggae interpretation. However, over time, he came to appreciate it and even incorporated elements of their version into his live performances.

    In a moment of musical history, Neil Diamond and UB40 finally shared the stage for a live rendition of "Red Red Wine" at the 2008 Glastonbury Festival. This performance sealed the mutual respect and admiration between the original creator and the band that brought new life to the song.

    Who Wrote Red Red Wine Example:

    There's no denying that "Red Red Wine" has stood the test of time as both a wine lover's anthem and an iconic reggae hit. From Diamond's original melancholy ballad to UB40's infectious reggae rendition, let's enjoy a trip down memory lane by listening to both versions:

    Listen here to Neil Diamond's original recording: [insert a link to the song]

    And here's UB40's iconic reggae cover: [insert a link to the song]

    Which one do you prefer? Are you a fan of the heartfelt ballad or the upbeat reggae groove? Let us know in the comments section!

    And there you have it - the story behind the creation of "Red Red Wine." From Neil Diamond's poignant original to UB40's infectious cover, this song has captured our hearts and taste buds for decades. We hope you enjoyed this musical journey as much as we did!

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    Don't miss out on the opportunity to win a free bottle of wine every week.

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