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What To Wear To A Wine Tasting

What To Wear To A Wine Tasting

If your calendar is marked with an upcoming wine tasting event and you're uncertain about what to wear, fear not! We've got you covered. This guide will help you select the perfect outfit for whatever wine tasting event you find yourself attending. Say goodbye to wardrobe stress, as we dive into our stylish recommendations for your elegant and refined wine tasting experience.

Understand the Event

Before selecting your ensemble, it's important to know the type of wine tasting event you'll be attending. Regardless of the venue, wine tastings tend to lean towards a sophisticated atmosphere – keep this in mind when choosing your outfit.

Indoor or Outdoor Events

An indoor wine tasting at a fancy restaurant or private venue usually calls for a slightly more formal dress code. Outdoor wine tastings, such as those at wineries and vineyards, can be a bit more casual and rustic.

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    Daytime or Evening Events

    Daytime wine tastings tend to be less formal than evening events. Keep in mind the expected weather conditions and temperature when selecting your apparel.

    For men, a safe bet is smart casual or semi-formal attire.

    • A tailored or lightly textured blazer is a great addition to any wine tasting outfit.
    • Opt for a crisp, button-down shirt or a stylish polo.
    • Choose neutral or earth tone colored slacks or well-fitting dark denim jeans.
    • Complete the look with brown or black dress shoes, or clean and sleek sneakers for a more casual event.

    Ladies have a plethora of stylish options when it comes to dressing for a wine tasting event.

    • For a more formal venue, a chic cocktail dress or a dressy jumpsuit is ideal.
    • For a casual day-time event, an elegant blouse paired with dark jeans or a midi skirt works great.
    • Wedges or block heels are a practical choice for navigating vineyards or uneven outdoor terrain.
    • Don't forget to accessorize with classy jewelry and a structured handbag for a polished look.

    Avoid These Fashion Faux Pas

    There are a few basic fashion faux pas to keep in mind when dressing for a wine tasting:

    • Avoid wearing white or light-colored clothes, as red wine stains are difficult to remove.
    • Heavily scented perfume or cologne can interfere with the wine tasting experience, so opt for something subtle or skip it altogether.
    • While comfort is key, avoid overly casual attire such as flip flops, tank tops, or athletic wear.

    What To Wear To A Wine Tasting Example:

    Imagine you're attending an outdoor evening wine tasting event at a vineyard. Men could wear a textured blazer in a neutral color, paired with a crisp button-down shirt, dark denim jeans, and brown dress shoes. Women might choose a sleek midi dress with a bold print, wedges or block heels, and a statement necklace to stand out among the lush greenery and rolling hills of the vineyard.

    Now that you're equipped with our foolproof guide on dressing for wine tasting events, you're ready to impress and enjoy sipping on exquisite wines with immaculate style. We hope this guide helps you feel confident in your choices and allows you to focus on the essential aspect of the event – the delicious world of wine. Once you've successfully dressed for your wine tasting, be sure to share your experience and newfound knowledge with your friends, explore more fabulous wine guides, and keep following Black Wine Club for the latest advice on all things wine.

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