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What Time Does Total Wine Close

What Time Does Total Wine Close

Picture yourself enjoying a calm evening with friends, food, and of course, some delicious wine. Suddenly, you remember you're running low on your favorite vino. Don't panic! Total Wine has got you covered with all your wine needs. However, the question arises: what time does Total Wine close? No worries, we at Black Wine Club have got your back! In this article, we will explore Total Wine's hours of operation, as well as everything you need to know for a seamless wine shopping experience. Grab a glass of wine and get ready for a very grape adventure!

Understanding Total Wine's Hours of Operation

Regular Store Hours

Total Wine, America's leading retailer for fine wines, beers, and spirits, usually opens its doors at 9 AM and closes at 10 PM from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, they extend their closing time to 11 PM for all you weekend wine enthusiasts.

However, it's important to note that these hours might vary slightly depending on the location and local regulations. To ensure you can get your wine in time, it's always best to double-check the store hours of the specific location you're planning to visit.

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    Special Exceptions for Store Hours

    During some national holidays, Total Wine may operate on special hours. Here are a few examples:

    - Thanksgiving: Most Total Wine locations remain closed on Thanksgiving Day. However, they usually return to regular business hours on the following day, known as Black Friday.

    - Christmas: On Christmas Eve, Total Wine stores typically close early, around 6 PM or 8 PM. They remain closed on Christmas Day and resume regular hours on December 26th.

    - New Year's Eve: Total Wine generally sticks to their normal store hours on the last day of the year. However, they may close one or two hours earlier in some locations.

    - New Year's Day: Most locations open around 12 PM (noon) on New Year’s Day, and close at their regular time.

    Again, it's best to check with your local Total Wine for their specific holiday hours.

    Three Tips for a Hassle-Free Total Wine Experience

    1. Use the Total Wine Store Locator

    Ensure smooth sailing to your nearest Total Wine by using their official store locator online. This tool gives you essential information, such as the store address, phone number, and specific hours of operation.

    2. Take Advantage of Total Wine's Curbside Pickup and Delivery Services

    If you're not feeling like stepping into the store, many Total Wine locations offer a curbside pickup service. Simply place your order online, select the "Pick Up In Store/Curbside" option, and they'll have your order ready within two hours! You can park in their designated curbside pickup areas, and a store associate will bring the order to your car.

    Total Wine also partners with delivery services like Instacart and DoorDash in some locations, allowing you to have your wines and spirits delivered right to your doorstep.

    3. Get to Know the Latest Deals and Promotions

    Make sure you're updated on Total Wine's ongoing deals and promotions to get more bang for your buck! Join their mailing list or follow them on social media for information on discounts, limited-time offerings, and special events happening in-store.

    What Time Does Total Wine Close Example:

    Imagine it's Saturday evening, and you've got friends coming over for a wine and cheese night. At around 9 PM, you realize you're out of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon. You quickly check Google Maps for your nearest Total Wine and find that they close at 11 PM on Saturdays – plenty of time to grab that bottle.

    While at the store, you use your phone to scan the QR code and join their mailing list. Now you'll be in the loop on all the latest deals and promotions. You walk out of Total Wine triumphant, with your favorite wine in hand, just in time for your guests to arrive.

    Now that you know the ins and outs of Total Wine's store hours and shopping tips, you'll never find yourself in a last-minute wine panic! So go on and savor that glass of vino with confidence, knowing that Total Wine is there when you need them. If you found this article helpful, be sure to explore other guides at Black Wine Club. Remember to share this knowledge with your fellow wine enthusiasts so that no one is left high and dry when the cork pops!

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