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How To Store Opened Wine

How To Store Opened Wine

Ever opened a bottle of wine and found yourself wondering how to store the remains for future enjoyment? Fear not, fellow wine enthusiasts! This guide by Black Wine Club is here to help you store your opened wine efficiently so that you can thoroughly enjoy every last sip. Let us dive into the world of wine storage and preservation!

Why is Proper Wine Storage Important?

Reducing Oxidation

When you open a bottle of wine, oxygen enters the bottle, causing oxidation. This process starts to change the wine's flavor and aroma, eventually making it taste flat or sour. Storing the wine correctly minimizes contact with oxygen and prolongs its life.

Preserving Aromas and Flavors

Proper storage helps maintain the delicate balance of flavors and aromas, ensuring that your opened wine maintains its quality for as long as possible.

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    Guidelines for Storing Opened Wine

    Follow these simple steps to preserve the quality of your opened wine:

    1. Recork the bottle
    2. Store the bottle upright
    3. Consider using a wine preservation tool
    4. Refrigerate red and white wines
    5. Pay attention to the lifespan of different types of wine

    Recork the Bottle

    After pouring a glass, make sure to recork the bottle immediately. If you have lost the original cork, use a rubber or silicone wine stopper. These stoppers are designed to create an airtight seal, protecting your wine from unwanted oxidation.

    Store the Bottle Upright

    An upright position keeps the wine surface area minimal, resulting in less exposure to oxygen. This is especially important for sparkling wines, as it helps preserve the bubbles.

    Consider Using a Wine Preservation Tool

    Investing in a wine preservation tool or system can prolong the life of your opened wine. Some popular options include vacuum pumps, argon gas-based preservation systems, and specialized wine stoppers.

    Refrigerate Red and White Wines

    Refrigeration slows down the oxidation process, allowing your opened wine to last longer. While white wines are typically already refrigerated, be sure to store opened red wines in the fridge, too – just remove it 30 minutes before drinking, allowing it to return to its ideal temperature.

    Pay Attention to the Lifespan of Different Types of Wine

    It's essential to be aware that not all wines have the same lifespan after opening. Here's a general guideline for different types of wine:

    • Sparkling wine: 1-3 days
    • Light white and rosé wines: 5-7 days
    • Full-bodied whites, sweet wines, and light reds: 3-5 days
    • Full-bodied reds and fortified wines: 5-7 days

    Remember that these are general guidelines, and individual wines may vary depending on their specific characteristics.

    How To Store Opened Wine Example:

    Imagine you've opened a bottle of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon to enjoy during an at-home date night. After finishing a glass each, you have half a bottle left. To properly store the remaining wine, recork the bottle immediately or with a wine stopper. Store the bottle in an upright position in your refrigerator to reduce oxidation.

    Before your next date night, remember that a full-bodied red, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, typically lasts 5-7 days after opening, so plan accordingly. Remove the wine from your fridge about 30 minutes before drinking, allowing it to reach the ideal temperature.

    Now that you know the secrets of storing opened wine, you can revisit your favorite bottles with confidence and fully savor every last drop. Share the love – and this guide – with other wine enthusiasts in your life so that everyone can experience and enjoy wine the way it was intended. For more fascinating insights, tips, and guides on all things wine, explore more from Black Wine Club, and be sure to catch our wine tastings and live electronic music events for the complete experience!

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